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Global sourcing can be a great tool to drive efficiency, cost reduction and help gain access to new markets. Too often companies that source overseas jump on the lowest price instead of taking the time to implement a good strategy for supplier selection. 

To identify and fully qualify a supplier, a visit to the local production site is the only reliable way to truly know its capabilities and processes. However, to accomplish this, requires expensive travel cost and usually there exists a cultural barrier. 

Container Ship
We can identify and visit suppliers and collect all the necessary information for you before you make a decision on which supplier to use. We can also help you with uncovering ‘hidden’ suppliers – suppliers which have very low visibility or is not on-line.

Your company can rely on our staff knowledge of local culture and manufacturing practices to research suppliers, check the factory organization, its process flows, the quality of goods produced, the packaging, the workers' training level, the overall working conditions, equipment maintenance, etc.

Main reasons and benefits for developing an alternative source of raw material and products in the global market:



  • Find low-cost suppliers

  • Reduce supply chain risks

  • Limited manufacturing capacity

  • Local wages cost

  • Labor shortages

  • Rapid technology transitions to adapt​

  • Raw material cost

  • Local supply constraints

  • Establish an alternative supplier due strategy purposes

  • Replace an existing supplier due poor performance



  • Cost reduction

  • Increase in-house capability

  • Diversify supplier sources

  • ​Proximity to raw materials

  • Gain competitiveness

  • Possibility to sell locally

  • ​Availability of new technology

  • Superior quality. Many companies praise the quality of international source product due to supplier investment in technology to attract global business

Thanks to our global network and expertise, we can conduct your supplier search and qualification wherever your suppliers are based and without the need for you to develop and deploy equivalent internal resources. 
With partners around the globe, Maxima Quality can provide you consistent, reliable services, delivered anywhere that your organization or suppliers are around the world, all under one project leader and utilizing our local resources who are experts in the local culture and language.

Asia partner: located in China, headquartered in Qingdao city, Shandong Province, has more than 80 inspectors and engineers.

Latin America partner: located in Brazil, headquartered in São Paulo city, has 7 inspectors and engineers.

Due its innovation and economic stability China continue to be the most attractive region for production sourcing in the global market.


In terms of Latin America, Costa Rica, Mexico and Brazil have been building its reputation due to its adaptive, and productive labor force, productivity enhancement, high-quality production and reliable infrastructure.

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