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In today’s dynamic and competitive global market, having an efficient supplier quality management process is essential to identify your critical suppliers to secure operational excellence. The customer-supplier relationship is a strategic element for the business development and it is very important sharing similar standards in terms of quality, service and responsiveness. A small error or deficiency in your supply chain can ruin your company reputation. Even a qualified supplier can fail to sustain the quality requirements over the time. In other words they may have the desired capabilities for your projects but are inconsistent in their performance related to quality and delivery time compromising your company results.


What are the benefits of reviewing and maximizing your supplier management system?


  • Reduces the cost of good receiving and services by strategically managing your key suppliers enhancing on time delivery and quality metrics.

  • Mitigates risks ensuring your supplier’s production processes have the necessary controls in place.

  • Provides consistent outcomes, measured and monitored.

  • Helps your company focusing on its core business alleviating the administrative burden on your team.

  • Increases your company reputation and visibility among customers.

Our team of hands-on engineers can help your organization to implement practical and cultural changes that align the supplier performance with your expectations by continuously measuring, evaluating and improving supplier performance, communication and relationship. 

We can help your company to enhance or implement one of the processes bellow: 


Implementation of Supplier Qualification Methodology

Business entities must accurately qualify vendors and track approved vendor lists to ensure that their suppliers are well qualified to provide specific products and service. We can help small companies to establish an efficient supplier qualification process as well as partnering with major companies to enhance their process in place.

Conduct Supplier Audit 

Whether is a new supplier or an existing one, organizations must evaluate and choose suppliers based on their ability to offer products and services that meet the organization's requirements which can be effectively identified by conducting supplier audits.

Supplier Scorecard Revision

Establishing a review process and defining the basis for the review are essential to find out what’s working well and what isn’t working well and then to develop a roadmap to find solutions. If there is little or no action or follow through that results from the scorecards. (i.e., suppliers do not see recognition or consequences, corrective actions, or disengagement as a result of their performance) a supplier will soon realize that scorecards are just customer window dressing. 

Supplier Engagement and Communication Strategies

Most of the times suppliers are unclear about their customer's performance expectations. The solution is to develop a major quality campaign for bringing the whole supply chain on board committing efforts for improving the final customer overall results.  

Supplier Development

Focused on key well established suppliers this is an approach of strategically managing all interactions with companies that supply goods and/or services to an organization in order to maximize the value of those interactions. In practice, the supplier development  entails creating closer, more collaborative relationships with key suppliers in order to uncover and realize new value and reduce risk of failure.

Managing Approved Supplier List (ASL)

The primary purpose of the ASL is to ensure the placement of purchase orders are limited to those suppliers that meet the company's established criteria for supplier selection and evaluation. The ASL is created using a variety of criteria such as technology, functional fit of the product, financial stability, and past performance of the supplier. 

Contractor Pre-Qualification

Small vendors may not have pre qualifying contractors which is vital for minimizing risk and speed up the decision-making process. We can help small vendors, contractors and suppliers to review your processes and prepare your business to become a qualified supplier for big construction companies and retail stores such as Homedepot, Wallmart, Best Buy.

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