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Efficient and reliable inspections are essential to protect your company's reputation ensuring that your products and services meets your customers’ expectations avoiding costly products defects and shipping delays.

Partnering with a 3rd party provider as Maxima Quality for vendor surveillance is a cost effective way to reduces internal resource allocation, travel expenses and offers an unbiased assessment. Our quality inspectors are carefully recruited and trained according to the complexity of the inspected part and specification of the given mission.

Metal Tubes

At Maxima Quality we offer a wide variety of inspection services that can be done on-site, remote and at vendor facilities during different manufacture stages such as production, final inspection, testing and shipment.

Types of Inspections offered


  • Parts Sorting and Containment
  • Dimensional Inspection
  • First Article Inspection – FAI
  • Final Acceptance Verification – FAV
  • Pre-shipment Inspection
  • Coating/Painting Inspection
  • Commodity Inspection
  • Remote Inspection - Real-time collaboration to stream data using mobile devices
  • Nondestructive Testing Inspections – NDT

Magnetic Particle Testing – MT

Liquid Penetrant Testing – PT

Radiographic Testing – RT

Ultrasonic Testing – UT

Eddy Current Testing – ET

Magnetic Flux Leakage – MFL

Positive Material Identification – PMI

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